<<Color samples>>

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Ancient 1

Dark Imperial Ancient

Lapis Lazuli Gosu

Ancient 3

Dark Ancient

Light Blue

Ancient 3 No. 4

Imperial Ancient

Ink Gosu

Ancient 5

Imperial Ancient 3

Rust Gosu

Chinese Gosu 1

New Gosu

Black 3

Chinese Gosu 2

Line Gosu

Blue 2

Chinese Gosu 3

Dark Lapis Gosu

Toku Gosu

Chinese Gosu 5

Marugen Gosu

Deluxe Ancient Gosu

Chinese Gosu 6

Marudaitsuyo Gosu

Special Ancient Gosu


Maruharuri Gosu

*Colors may vary slightly from the images shown. The color varies slightly
based on the firing temperature.

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<<Price Chart >>

Product Name Price/kg
Ancient 1 4,700
Ancient 3 5,200
Ancient 3 No. 4 5,300
Ancient 5 5,700
Chinese Gosu 1 5,800
Chinese Gosu 2 5,800
Chinese Gosu 3 5,900
Chinese Gosu 5 5,900
Chinese Gosu 6 5,900
Ancient 4,900
Dark Imperial Ancient 5,400
Dark Ancient 6,500
Imperial Ancient 5,600
Imperial Ancient 2 5,600
Imperial Ancient 3 5,400
New Gosu 5,200
Product Name Price/kg
Shinwa Line Gosu 8,000
Line Gosu 7,000
Dark Lapis Gosu 7,500
Marugen Gosu 5,600
Marudaitsuyo Gosu 6,500
Maruharuri Gosu 7,900
Lapis Lazuli Gosu 6,900
Light Blue 5,400
Ink Gosu 7,200
Rust Gosu 3,500
Black 3 4,400
Blue 2 5,900
Toku Gosu 5,400
Deluxe Ancient Gosu 6,000
Special Ancient Gosu 5,200

※This chart shows princes by the kilogram, but we offer paint in units of 100 grams.
※-Shown here are our standard products. Please let us know if you have any questions.

mail order form is here.  We don’t ship our products to abroad now.Sorry.

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