Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How should I use your paints?
A : Our paints come in paste form, so please dilute them with water to suit your needs.
When painting lines, add twice as much water as paint, adding to or subtracting from this amount based on the desired shade (dark, medium, light).
Q : Should I put agglutinates like gum Arabic into the paint?
A : If the paint is not applying well to the desired material or if the painting process involves repeated handling, it might be helpful to add a small amount of agglutinates.
Q : How should I store paint that I don’t plan on using for a while?
A : We recommend storing unused paint in an airtight container. If the paint dries out, add water and mix well to return the paint to a paste.
Q : The paint has settled and is difficult to use. What should I do?
A : Since the best course of action depends on the paint’s condition, please contact us and we will advise you further.
Q : Why has my paint become water-resistant?
A : If you use our paints too thickly, they can sometimes become water-resistant. If the paint becomes water-resistant in storage, please contact us.
Q : My paint turned out a different shade than pictured in the catalogue. Why?
A : The paint can sometimes appear a slightly different shade in photographs. Also, the shade can vary slightly from batch to batch and depending on the firing temperature.
Q : What is the density of the glaze?
A : Our glazes are regulated at 50 degrees. However, because the shade can vary depending on the density and because if the glaze is too dense it may peel off, please fire a test piece before using.

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