About Our Products

  • GosuGosu:We have been making original gosu paints since our establishment. These translucent paints come in traditional shades of cobalt blue as well as a range of other colors. They come in a paste that is easy to use once mixed with water.
  • Underglaze Enamels (Colored Glazes)Overglaze Enamels (Colored Glazes):Please enjoy our collection of glazes, which come in a wide variety of clear, vibrant colors.
  • GlazesGlazes:We offer a variety of glazes, including matter, translucent, penetrative, and celadon porcelain glazes for pottery and earthenware. Aside from the standard glazes, we also offer Fukaumi family original products.
  • NGK代理店 MUTSUMI石膏代理店Mutsumi Chemical Industries Co., Ltd An agent for the sale of gypsum
    An agent of NGK Kilntech Co., Ltd Heat resistant products


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