Company Information

<<President’s Greeting>>


Since our establishment, our paints have come to be loved and trusted by many potters, especially in Arita and Hasami.
Our paints have built a reputation as being extremely easy to use because we utilize fine grinding methods like stone mortar grinding. We use natural minerals to create paints with rich body and flavor.
We welcome you to experience the difference between our products and those of other makers.

<<Our Mission>>

To always express gratitude to our customers and to become a beloved company through personalized care.

<<Company Summary>>

Name Fukaumi Shouten Corp.
Established June 10th, 1961
Representative Company Director, Mutsuko Fukaumi
Business Information Manufacture and sale of pottery paints and glazes
-Sale of plaster for use in pottery (an agent of Mutsumi Chemical Industries Co., Ltd)
-Sale of shelving for use in pottery (an agent of NGK Kilntech, Corp.)
Store Information Postal Code 844-0024
2351-223 Akasakahei
Arita, West Matsuura District
Saga Prefecture
Business Hours 8:20-5pm Closed weekends and holidays

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We don’t ship our products to abroad now. Sorry.

◆Bank Transfers◆

Saga Bank Arita Branch 685-0300352 Kabushikigaisha Fukaumi Shouten

18 Bank Hasami Branch 0553233 Kabushikigaisha Fukaumi Shouten

Shinwa Bank Hasami Branch 0666559 Kabushikigaisha Fukaumi Shouten

◆Post Office Transfer◆

Account # 17760-2965141 Kabushikigaisha Fukaumi Shouten

◆Registered Mail◆

Please send money using a cash envelope from your nearest post office.

◆Post Office Payment Exchange◆

After you place your order, please send a post office payment exchange via express home delivery service. When your items arrive, please pay the item price, shipping costs, and handling charges.

*After the bank transfer has been confirmed, we will ship your order. (excepting Cash on Delivery)
Also, Fukaumi Shouten will pay the bank transfer charge.

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-About Our Products
-Underglaze Enamels
-Soden Fukaumi and Hyaku Basen
-Company Information


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